Monday, September 1, 2008

Chandler's 12th Birthday

As you can see there was a definate morning after hangover. There were a lot of naps happening that day.

Chandler's 12th Birthday

We had quite the celebration for Chandler. A family dinner at Brick oven plus a couple of extra guests. We also had a campout in the backyard with 14 boys. Heidi kept watch over the backyard from the family room and thwarted many attempts at fire starting, toilet papering and escaping into the neighborhood. No one slept that night.

Scout court of honor

Chandler receiving his awards. First and second class and class 7. Not that I am not proud of him but I am scouting challenged and I have no idea what that means. But way to go Chandler.

North Hollywood High School 20 year reunion

We had a blast at Steve's reunion. It was at the Universal Sheraton in California. It was really nice to see everyone.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stadium of Fire

What a spectacular show. It really helps to unite everyone with patriotism.

Stadium of Fire

Kayla and Chandler talking about the festivities. What a cute couple they'll make one day.

Miley Cirus fans

Cole, Cade, and Wyatt decided to show their true affections for Miley as her number one fans.